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About Us 

Comaskey Spanish property- The leaders in property sales on the Costa Blanca since 2002.

We think it’s important that you know who you are dealing with before you hand your deposit over to an Estate Agent. Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with a brief history of the Comaskey story.

Comaskey Properties have been the leading Real Estate Agent on the Costa Blanca since 2002. We built our reputation over the past 16 years on service and value. We never cut corners to achieve a higher profit! Our clients become our friends and we are here to help them, long after the deal has completed. We believe that value comes in many forms. Comaskey Properties offer more value, more services than anybody else we know of in all of Spain, all under one roof.

Comaskey Properties started selling Spanish property on The Costa Blanca back in 2002. Ian was soon followed by his uncle Fehin into the business and some smart acquires, like Hazel (soon to become the owner of Paddy’s Point Irish pub), Carol McCarthy and Susie Wright. This meant we were quickly a very efficient team on the Orihuela Costa. Clients then and now loved our relaxed attitude. We did not wear ties, have a sales pitch, take ourselves too seriously and yet we got the job done more efficiently than anyone else at the time.

Comaskey Properties started doing things differently to the other Agencies on the Costa Blanca right from the start. We opened all day- the first agent on the Costa Blanca to not take a siesta. I know that’s a small thing but just showed we were not following the rest. We were the first Irish estate agent to sign a contract with Polaris World, the massive golf resort in Murcia. We were rewarded three years in a row as a Golden partner. Jack Nicklaus himself presenting us with the honour- talk about a meteoric rise.

The numbers of happy clients we achieved did not go unnoticed and we soon had built a large network of agents across Europe in various walks of life; Golf pros, tennis coaches, radio stations, the GAA, UK chains, a Swedish marketing company, Belgian agent and more.  We found that if a client trusted a leader in their community who liked and trusted us, then by association, the client immediately had trust in our company.

Comaskey Properties have been stars on TV too. We appeared on "A place in the sun” on channel 4 in the UK twice, RTE´s "The late, late show” and "Living the dream” programmes as well as Irish comedy sketch Podge and Rodge! As recently as June 2018 we have been featured on RTE TV as well as "A Place in the Sun” once more.

As well as dominating the Irish market back in the pre Spanish property boom and bust days, Comaskey also explored markets no other agent was looking at. We attended the property exhibitions in Moscow and Beijing for example. We are quick to praise our foresight when we get things right, but these shows were not a success. We learned that gaining trust in these countries requires a lot more than a good reputation locally around the Costa Blanca! We now partner up with agents in these countries and again, once our partners trust us, by association their clients trust us.

The 2009 world wide credit crunch had a great effect on the Spanish property market generally but specially hurt Comaskey. We had a large staff, offices in Dublin, Budapest and a half a dozen here on the Costa Blanca. Needless to say, a major restructure was needed. With the help of some very loyal and faithful agents, some superb staff, understanding clients and a bit of luck, we not only survived but came back to the Spanish property market stronger than ever- more good news for our buyers. This new lean and mean Comaskey Properties started back where we began- long term Spanish rentals and local resale property in and around Orihuela Costa. It worked and that is where the current structure of the existing company was formed- value for money, no nonsense Spanish property services.

A big change came for the company in 2011- July 11th to be precise, when Finn Comaskey was born. This meant that Ian could no longer give the company his best shot, so he stepped back. There were a few incarnations of the business since then- but what got us here is our, fantastic staff, honesty and friendliness and this is taking us forward these days.


Now, in 2018, we have recently merged with another long standing and well established real estate company in the Costa Blanca called Sunworld. Together we form one of the largest property groups in the area and have access to thousands of properties and excellent resources. However, we are still true to our family business ethos and offer a personal and professional service from start to finish.

For more information or any help please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our helpful team.

We can’t wait to help you, like we did with 3,500 other clients over the years