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This is a personal account from one of our buyers. They made a decision to move to Spain and they were very clever and chose Comaskey to help them along the way!

This is their account of how their move and life in Spain is going and Comaskeys involvement.


My experience of moving and living in Spain was made memorable by my decision to use Comaskey.

I have wanted to live in Spain ever since I learnt that Spain existed, probably over 40 years!!  I knew I was meant to be "Spanish”, I love the people, the food and most of all the weather, I just love the sun, I could lay in it every day of my life but unfortunately, I cannot do that! One I would be burnt and two I must work, it was not in my plans to work but unfortunately, I am not allowed my pension at 61 but that is another story!!

My research into moving to Spain started back in 2012, I had heard so many horror stories, I was not going to let that happen to my and my family. I trolled every site imaginable to hear everyone’s experiences. I checked the legal sides of moving, buying and renting property and also checked thing out about living, schools (I have 2 children who came with us), and doctors etc., you name it I checked it out.

And then I came across Comaskey……………. well what a fantastic company, the staff, Ian, Tracie, Sophie, Claire, Claire to name but a few,  such a friendly team nothing is too much trouble. I cannot quite remember how I found this amazing Company probably Google searching, but boy how glad I am.

We had chosen the area we wanted to live in, well more or less, Orihuela Costa, renowned for stunning beaches, lots of shops, close to good hospitals and not far from airports great for when you need to get back home, not that I go very often, no inclination to want to be in the UK at all!! So now we had chosen an area it was now to choose some properties so we went into the Comaskey office in La Zenia and automatically fell in love with that area too. The beaches are just gorgeous, the shops amazing and the amount of shops impressive and Primark, well what more does one need…..lol

they were very clever and chose Comaskey
they were very clever and chose Comaskey

You may like to know, now that I have mentioned it, that La Zenia is located on the Costa Blanca South, just south of the major town of Torrevieja. The stretch of the coast known as the Orihuela Costa covers several seaside resorts including Punta Prima, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Villamartin, Campoamor and Mil Palmeras. But La Zenia obviously one of my favourites now, and home of Comaskey, is a small but busy beach tourist resort. It has many restaurants some of which we have sampled! Bars, shops and good facilities due to a large number of people who live here all the year round.

There are many Irish bars including the well-known Paddy’s Point. Most bars show Sky Sports and it is easy to find a good all day English breakfast or Fish & Chips in one of the many cafes and restaurants. Approximately 40 minutes’ drive south of Alicante Airport. San Javier Murcia airport is only about 15-20 minutes to the south with cheap flights from Ryanair, Easyjet and Monarch. We found La Zenia to be a very English resort mixed with a small taste of Spanish culture, so if you struggle with learning Spanish then you could possibly get by with speaking just English. I find learning Spanish so difficult as my ability to remember words has diminished over the years, easier for younger people. But I am happy to say I can order drinks and food!

Back to business, Sean was our main man, he showed us pictures of all the properties within our price range and for the requirements we needed. So off we went, he took us around the area, he even showed us the important things like doctors, hospitals, town halls etc.

Palm Trees
palms by the Beach

It was such a memorable day being chauffeured around and we saw some beautiful properties, we saw some awful ones as well! We did this for several days, nothing seemed too much trouble, he even bought us lunch and drinks throughout the day, we felt like royalty! I do believe inspection trips can be arranged if you are thinking of using Comaskey as your agent, whilst looking for a property if you are presently living in the UK. Please ask for more details.


But I think we knew which property was for us, we saw it almost at the beginning of our trips out, a fabulous property in Playa Flamenca, but we wanted to see as many properties as possible to make sure we did not miss anything. But this property was ours, we knew as soon as we walked up to it and when we walked inside fell head over heels in love.

Tranquil location


The reason we chose Playa Flamenca as a place to live was due to the fact it is a large coastal resort with rocky coves, cliffs with breathtaking views and exquisite sandy beaches. There are bars to sit and have a few beers while admiring the stunning views. Not only was it the beaches that attracted us to the area but there are many centro commercial centers, the best by far is La Zenia Boulevard, for me to stroll around there is just heavenly, shops, boutiques and eateries that offer gastronomic cuisine, so many to choose from.  Playa Flamenca was voted one of the healthiest places to live by the World Health Organisation. Because of its location ideal for exploring the Orihuela Costa and neighbouring Costas.  This is the place for us!


So back to the office to do the dreaded paperwork, well it was not to be dreaded, Comaskey took care of everything and I mean everything we did not have to worry about a thing. We sat over drinks giving all our relevant details and Eva of Spanish Solutions, Comaskey’s sister company,  dealt with all the legal side of our purchase, she even dealt with our N.I.E numbers that we required in order to purchase our property in Spain and our Residentias for us when we wanted to do that.


We were recommended lots of other services, for example, a furniture pack company, a reputable building company and many other companies for internet and television etc.  As I say, nothing was too much trouble for them.


The process of purchasing our new home in the sun went so smoothly, Eva even came with us to the notary for signing all the paperwork, as although my husband speaks reasonable Spanish it was not good enough to understand all the legal terms in Spanish.


I just cannot believe we have purchased our first home in Spain and managed to pick an honest, first class estate agent and been lucky enough to have not encountered any nasty untoward problems but then that is all down to the award winning, in my eyes, Comaskey.

Rest Spot
Nice rest sport


Moving day is here!! How exciting and how nerve racking, but again Comaskey was to the rescue, all the way to support us, they took it all into theirs hands alleviating every worry from us. They arranged for a removal company, cleaners, to ensure our new home was immaculate.

They also arranged with a company called Conferama for a furniture pack to be delivered and set up for us. In all the years of moving, I thought moving across the ocean to Spain would be the most stressful, but it was just the most exciting experience ever! We have no regrets at all of making the biggest decision of our lives and moving to Spain. We even had a telephone call from Emerald Isle Construction, Comaskey had recommended them to us, saying that they are on hand if we need any repairs doing once we have settled in and find anything wrong, or if in the future, we want any decorating or renovation work done, they would give us a competitive quote.


After have been here for nearly a year now and enjoying every single day, finding out something new each day. For people thinking of moving to Spain, just do it, it is just the best thing we have ever done, if you do not do it you will never know what life in Spain is like. You can always go back home if things are not what you expect and it is not for you. But how can it not be right, great climate, over 320 days of sunshine and above 20 degrees, better Mediterranean diet, and cheaper cost of living, how can you go wrong.


I have even found a little job to give me some extra cash each week. There seems to be plenty of jobs on offer but you have to be prepared to diversify a little to get something suitable. The salaries are not what you would expect in the UK but certainly, you can earn enough to survive. My husband after trying various things has landed himself an excellent job and very happy with what he does, the money he earns is better than expected too, bonus!


Our boys have settled nicely into a local Spanish school, we decided that it was best as they would learn Spanish quickly and integrate with Spanish children of their own age. Their Spanish is coming along nicely, the youngest more quickly. We also find that because they go to school we are meeting more people of both Spanish and European nationality which is so comforting.

After school, the boys go off to the beach or to various clubs that are on offer. I think they are as happy as we are. There is so much more freedom, it is safe for them to wander around on their own, something we would never have allowed in the UK especially where we used to live. When we go to a bar in the evening the Spanish welcome them in, there is never this, having to leave at a certain time as they are too young, the Spanish love children and love having them around all the time, so we spend quality time with them every day.

Las Colinas
La Colinas entrance


So far, we really have not found anything that we do not like. I am confident this will continue. Our new life in Spain is everything we had dreamed of and more and moving to Spain was easy peasy!


Oh and by the way Comaskey, have and are, always there to help us. I know it sounds cheesy but I do not think we could have done all this without their expert help and support to this day.

Thank you Comaskey from the bottom of our hearts!