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Top 10 Tips for selling your home!

Although usually all you have to do is leave it to us, selling your home can be tricky, so we've came up with our top 10 tips for selling your home. 

1. Declutter, Clean & Depersonalize

Less is best. Depersonalize your home by removing personal photographs or memorabilia. Clutter discourages the prospective buyer by making the rooms seem smaller. They like to imagine themselves living in your house and make it easier to focus on the home's highlighted features instead of your family portrait. A blank canvas is easier to work with.


2. Kerb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first impression the buyer will see, whether it be online or in person. Kerb appeal is everything! If the exterior doesn't look good then the buyer may think it is not well kept on the interior. Trim the hedges, plant flowers, tidy garden space, maybe even pressure wash the exterior of the home and driveway. 


3. Make sure your house is in good condition

In today's market most buyers want a home that is in good condition. Home buyers have high expectations, and if your doesn't live up to those expectations they will move on quickly. Start with some small repairs like new light fittings, or a fresh neutral paint colour. Painting with a neutral colour will allow your home to feel brighter, more welcoming and makes the rooms look larger.


4. Make sure you have good photos.

In most cases if you list with us we will go out and take photos of your property for you to ensure we have good photos of your property. High quality pictures look much better than lower quality photo's. If you've listed your property yourself through our online form you may have used your photography instead of ours. Make sure you have high quality photos covering the key features of the property and do not hesitate to contact us if you're not satisfied with the quality of the photos you see of your property online. 

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5. Promote your home yourself too

Even though here at Comaskey we market and advertise your property extensively, it can never hurt to spread the word about the sale of your home yourself. Outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter are a great way to get more exposure online and reach more people.  

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6. Hire a cleaning company

Even if you keep your home 'tidy' sometimes we miss things because we look at them every day. Hiring a professional cleaner can get to areas you may have not noticed like some cobwebs on your light fittings or dust on your nightstand.

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7. Remove Pets and their items from home if possible

We know you don't want your pet to be inconvenienced either, but the fact is that some buyers are not pet lovers, I know it is hard to imagine. They may not be very fond of your pet's toys laying around or litter boxes in the kitchen. 


8. Price it right

Homes that are priced right do tend to get snatched up quicker. To price your home we will review comparable homes in your area they are currently on the market or have sold within the last several months. Also factors like amenities, square footage, location and market conditions get factored into all of that as well..


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9. Modernize your home

Now a days the more modern a property on the interior the more it's appeal and value. Spending money on modernizing and reforming your property can be a great future investment to then list your property and sell it for a higher price. LED lights, Clean & sleek furniture and sometimes even the most simplistic touches can make your property look more 'modern' and increase it's value.


10. Last but not least, list with us!

If you haven't already listed with us, do it by clicking here. We advertise on all major international portals, we attend all major European Exhibitions, Our site has over 240,000 unique visitors per year & we share your property with a network of over 400 other agents. We have more than 18 years of experience so if you really want to sell fast, list your property with Comaskey Properties.