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 Guardamar Del Segura, or Guardamar as its known locally is a wonderful choice of location for the discerning visitor and is popular with ex pats looking to buy property in Spain. Located on the coast in Costa Blanca, Guardamar is a quiet relaxed place aimed towards families and children. No stag parties need apply!! It has tried and succeeded in keeping that Spanish feeling as it is less commercialised than other more developed areas of Costa Blanca Spain and does not have many high rise apartment blocks. The Salinas de Guardamar consisting of two large salt lakes surround the town and encourage the reputation of being one of the world’s most healthy areas to live in as the salt in the air adds to the health benefits of relaxed old-time living in Spain. Similar to Lo Pagan further down the coast, people bathe here in the Salt Lakes to try to reap the benefits which are said to be an improvement in joint, asthma, skin conditions and any problems with lungs. After 30 minutes in the salt water you should be full of renewed energy and strength and the spiritualists say that the salt in the water and air will clear your head of negative emotions. Thats not just a sales pitch!!

The local Guardamar marina is another attraction with splendid yachts alongside fishermen’s working boats, a walk along the waterfront is a colourful and enjoyable experience. The beach here is unusual for this area of Spain as it has many sand dunes behind the sands across its large expanse with eucalyptus and pine trees dotted about. Just beyond the beach is 800 hectares of forest parkland. We often take the dog and the kids up there for a Sunday stroll amongst the trees, beautiful.

Guardamar has it all for the holidaymaker or indeed "local ex pat” should you decide to live here; choice of excellent beaches, plenty of water sports – windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, boat trips and fishing, golf at the nearby La Marquesa and El Plantio courses, tennis, paddle board, football, handball and basket facilities at the local Municipal Centre. I like the fact that it is so Spanish, and not taken over by us ex pats.

The beach area and streets just off the beach area are a thriving network of bars, little Spanish cafes, as you’d expect… real estate agents and restaurants that cater to every taste and all budgets. Here you can sit in the warm sunshine and enjoy a lovely glass of Cava and just watch the world go by – bliss! Wednesday is market day and you can buy your weekly fruit and vegetables direct from the farmers or purchase many of the handicrafts and beautiful carvings by local artisan craftsmen. Guardamar is renowned in Spain for the numbers and colour of its festivals, carnivals and fiestas throughout the year, colourful processions for Easter (Santa Semana) and a large carnival in February that the local population join in with enthusiastically.

Guardamar is a wonderful area for people considering buying or renting property in Spain in general and specifically here on the Costa Blanca.