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Lo Pagan is a beautiful, very picturesque village just past San Pedro del Pinotar on the N332, in fact with property growth in the past few years it has almost merged with San Pedro now. (especially new developments). It is located 50 minutes from Alicante Airport and 15 minutes from San Javier (Murcia) Airport. With a backdrop of the north side of the Mar Menor, Lo Pagan has stunning scenery, a beautiful long promenade, long sandy beach and a small marina. In the distance you can see the outline of the La Manga region with its many new builds and the fabulous La Manga resort, home to the rich and famous.

Lo Pagan is most famous for its "mud baths’ (Banos de Lodo) which are said to have medicinal properties and purported to cure many ailments including any skin disorders, aches, arthritis, gout and rheumatic type pains. It is also said to be excellent for throat complaints. The therapeutic values of mud have been well documented since the time of Hippocrates in 460 BC. Regular studies of the mud and waters around the Mar Menor are carried out by Murcia University. The last analysis carried out in 1995 found that there were high levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluoride as well as chlorine and sulphur. This is far superior to normal waters and contributes to the healing process. The wide paved promenade goes out to where the mud baths are, and here people travel far and wide to rub the dark black mud all over their bodies, allow it to dry in the sun, and then wash it off in the beautiful clean waters of the Mediterranean. If you continue along the promenade past the mud baths there is a cycle and walking route that makes it appear like you are heading directly out to sea. During the summer months there is a children’s funfair and play area alongside the marina and plenty of water sports and activities on the beach. The sea at Lo Pagan is especially calm and excellent for families. Lo Pagan has plenty of bars, restaurants, banks, pharmacies and shops.

There is an abundance of fiesta’s held in this area, which we often attend, in particular the festival of the Three Kings where the kings arrive by boat, and the Easter Procession has been declared an item of Regional Tourism Interest. There are many restaurants situated along the front at Lo Pagan but one that I would recommend is Ruby Restaurant. You would almost pass it by as it is one amongst so many but it is definitely worth a visit. With a Mexican and Indian influence they have a varied and unusual menu, I can recommend their curry, the flavour is fabulous and the prices are reasonably priced. With a wonderful location looking onto the beach and across from the windmill and friendly service this is a great place to have a bite to eat after frolicking in the mud and whetting up an appetite.