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Trust a recognised Agent in Spain – Like Comaskey Properties

We often hear from buyers and sellers alike that one way they can save money is to do the deal themselves and bypass the trusted estate agent. True, you can possibly manage to do a Spanish property transaction, just like you can cut your own hair, but really is it a good idea? You need a recognised estate agent in Spain and we can prove it!

Here are a few reasons why, if you are buying a house on the costa Blanca, you should deal with a company like Comaskey here in La Zenia.

1. Did you know that we sold our first house on the costa Blanca as far back as 2002?

Henry Ford famously said that to prove you are smart, hire people who are smarter than you. I think that’s a self-compliment, but in this case its right- you should be smart and hire a company with 3,500 happy clients. That company in La Zenia is Comaskey Properties.

2. We will be your Spanish property buffer.

We filter out the wall bangers (tire kickers in the Spanish property sector) and the sellers who are way overpriced. We find motivated sellers for our clients and everyone wins.

3. Local knowledge.

We know the difference between a beach side La Zenia apartment and a detached house up a mountain somewhere. If you are a buyer you can ask us how far that is form the La Zenia Boulevard, beach, school and medical centre. If your agent has just landed in Spain ten minutes ago, how can they be supposed to know?You may know that an apartment down the street in Cabo Roig was on the market for 100,00€.  Peter Hassall or the girls in the Comaskey office will know it had upgrades and sold at 90,000 euro after 65 days on the market. That is local knowledge.

4. Local Market Conditions Information.

Comaskey Properties, more than any other agent in La Zenia can disclose market conditions. We know because we are speaking to more buyers and sellers. Did you know the Swedish buyers are struggling with currency issues right now or British buyers, …. Well, you probably did hear about Brexit. The point is we know what the clients on the ground are feeling right now.


5. Price Guidance

Comaskey can offer advice to sellers as to what they should ask for their Spanish property. Different to what some people believe, agents do not set the price for the houses on our books. A Comaskey employee will help to guide clients to make the right choice for themselves. Ironically, the reason why many houses are sold below the value, is because a seller listed the property with another agent at a price way too high. By the time the seller comes back to Comaskey, the property has sat on the market for 6 months and buyers feel there is a problem with it. The only way the seller can shift it, is to drop the price. They should have listened to their agent in the first place.

6. Networking

Real estate agents, especially the legal and professional ones,  network with other professionals in the region. Most of the agents on the costa Blanca have dealt with Comaskey over the years. Many of whom will provide services to our clients needed to buy or sell. If we don’t have a Molino Blanco on the market for 100,000 euro but we know another agent does, we´ll make sure you can have a viewing- you only pay once, and everyone wins. Ditto for our sellers, we offer our properties to other agents who help market your Molino Blanco for you. We have pool people, tile/paint and plumbing people and of course legal and taxation experts who are help to help you long after your sale has closed.

7. Negotiation Skills

In a recent survey, 90 % of drivers say they are in the top 10% of drivers. I bet it’s the same with negotiators- 90% of us feel we are better than we are. Why not leave it to your agent to negotiate the deal on your behalf. Maybe you are in the top 10%, or maybe you are not!!

I know the Comaskey team can negotiate deals and get them closed on behalf of our clients. Other top agents in the region can too- make sure you find one, who is in that top 10%!

 8. Handling the Paperwork

Back when we started selling houses, One-page deposit receipts were prevalent, maybe even excessive. Today’s sale contracts and sellers agreements run ten pages or more and Tracie in our La Zenia office is perfect placed and experienced to ensure yours is written and signed correctly. Inexperienced agents will tell you it’s no big deal, but from experience we can tell you that one tiny mistake or omission could land you in court in Orihuela for the day or cost you thousands of euro. Comaskey also have the safety net of Spanish Solutions just two doors away in Calle Flores who are looking out for our clients too.

9. And After Closing…

Even the smoothest transactions can come back to haunt. Where is the remote control for the TV; where are the receipts for the community fees; where is the post box? Small things, sure, but all need to be handled. Comaskey or your qualified agent will know how, a beginner will not. Many questions can pop up later which were overlooked in the excitement of buying a house in Spain- Its natural. Worthy, honest and legal agents, like Comaskey will not leave you in the Spanish dust to fend for yourself!


Have you convinced you yet that a proper Spanish estate agent, one with thousands of client testimonials is not a luxury- Its vital? If you need more convincing, call into the Comaskey office in La Zenia and we´ll tell you more.